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Growing leaders for growing churches

Union is all about mission. We enable healthy church growth—by investing in leaders—so that churches can flourish in the gospel, and press forward in mission.

Our vision is to grow leaders for growing churches: to see healthy church growth through investing in leaders. We seek to raise well-rounded leaders; humble leaders of head and heart. We strive to help them grow in their love for God, their understanding of his word, and their skills in ministry. We enable them to go on to lead churches which grow in maturity, in mission, and in number.

We believe that robust and winsome mission must be fed by strong and faithful theology. Our education, training and resources are rigorous, biblical and accessible, ensuring that the mission of the church is theologically fuelled, and therefore fruitful and hardy.

In our mission we partner with many churches, networks and agencies to recruit, raise, fund and strategically deploy church leaders where they can be most useful. We are working with churches for the growth of the whole church.

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Union Publishing

Union Publishing is about resourcing the church and blessing the world with the knowledge of God. Based at our Oxford Centre, Union Publishing produces quality theological material for our student-leaders and their churches as part of our commitment to grow leaders for sustainable and healthy mission.

Union books are available to buy at We have a massive collection of free articles, videos and podcasts, online here at and via our app (iOS and Android).